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  Abi Searle-Jones
Abi is particularly interested in how clear English and tone of voice can work together to create compelling but lucid text. She has also worked in laser-printed documents for many years, as well as writing and project-managing many other communications, from forms to straplines.

Abi has also lectured alongside Simon on the MA Information Design course at Reading University.

To talk to Abi: abi.searlejones@andorif.co.uk or 01327 810 900
Career highlights
Major forms project for HMRC*
Managed the redesign and rewrite of one of HMRC's most critical forms.
Training for Norwich Union*
With Richard, trained staff in basic principles of clear writing and design.
Tone of voice guidelines*
Created guidelines and tools for companies such as Powergen.
As well as projects for*
Cable & Wireless, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Virgin Energy, Corus, Post Office, Aegon and Egg.
*Projects completed for other employers.