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  Letters and emails
As one writer said, words are a commodity in which there is never any slump. Even if your customers self-service online, chances are you’re still sending them plenty of information by email.

And letters and emails have a life of their own. Someone ‘corrects’ a fact, and the text becomes incorrect, grammatically flawed, off-brand, or all three.

Often the customer is the first to spot the problem. At best, that one customer feels sour about your brand. At worst, they tell all their friends and colleagues – or even call Watchdog.

We design and write letters and emails that are easier to maintain
We know how letters and emails work in companies large and small
We know about dynamic document systems in large organisations, and for smaller document sets, we design easy-to-use Word or Excel templates.
We understand why tone matters
As experts in tone of voice and plain English, we create communications that strike the right note with your customers and your brand.
We can help your own teams
We can train your own communications teams to write and design clearly, and give them helpful tools – such as automatic jargon checkers – that they can use every day.