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Mark Stanton / Simon Letherland / Abi Searle-Jones / Associates
  Mark Stanton
He has developed effective communications for businesses and organisations from many different areas, including: banking, insurance, telecoms, utilities, charities, regulators, government departments… and even pet food.

He has helped lots of organisations push Word and Excel to their limits to deliver well-designed and effective documents that can be managed internally.

He also takes every opportunity to grab a pen or mouse to set to work on a design.

To talk to Mark: mark.stanton@andorif.co.uk or 01327 810 901
Career highlights
Philosophy report templates
Created templates for completion on-screen ready for conversion to printed documents.
Scouts Association manuals*
Developed over 60 new documents about scouting for adults and children.
Ecclesiastical Insurance documents*
Developed dynamically-generated policy documentation.
As well as projects for*
BT, Unilever, Office of Fair Trading, House of Commons, HMRC, Royal Mail, Stannah, Zurich Insurance and FSA.
*Projects completed for other employers.