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Mark Stanton / Simon Letherland / Abi Searle-Jones / Associates
  Simon Letherland
Simon is highly experienced in dealing with the unique challenges of laser-printed document projects, working closely with IT specialists, business analysts, marketeers and brand managers. He has also worked extensively in the complex (and expanding) area of price plan and tariff explanations.

Simon has also lectured alongside Abi on the MA Information Design course at Reading University.

To talk to Simon: simon.letherland@andorif.co.uk or 01327 810 903
Career highlights
Vodafone bills*
Designed the UK and Ireland bills, achieving a large production saving.
Barclaycard statement*
Designed the much-copied statement.
Vodafone price plan explanations*
Designed online and paper tariff tables for business and consumer audiences.
Powergen customer journey packs
Designed full-colour, personalised welcome packs – an industry first.
As well as projects for*
Tele Danmark, London Energy, Egg, Lloyds TSB, OUP and Standard Life.
*Projects completed for other employers.