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  User information
With products, tariffs and services becoming more complex, we’ve all come to expect – even accept – incomprehensible user information.

We can’t stop user information being a joke, but we can stop it being laughable. We create clear user information that helps your customers understand and get the most out of the products and services you’ve worked so hard to create.

We create user guides that people enjoy using. Outside the box, we also create guides for intangible products – eg tariffs, financial products or phone services.

We know why people get confused
We try things out
As well as working from a previous draft of information, we like to work with the product or service itself, approaching it like a user.
We know how to sell the intangible
We establish mental pictures or models for intangible products, helping customers find their way round by using familiar concepts.
We know what happens when ‘people’ become ‘users’
We understand the kind of ‘tripping points’ that people find frustrating when they’re trying to get their precious new service or purchase to work.