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  In a complicated world, we make sense
In 1980, an average supermarket stocked 5,000 lines. Now they stock 40,000 – and the same expansion has happened in mobile phone plans, mortgages, insurance products or social security benefits.

More choice brings more freedom, but it can also make life complicated. And while choices expand, literacy statistics stay alarming: the National Audit Office estimate that 26 million adults in the UK have levels of literacy and numeracy below the level of school leavers. And according to the Basic Skills Agency,1 in 5 adults would be unable to find a plumber in the Yellow Pages because their functional literacy is too poor.

So how can your organisation cope with the challenges of choice? We can help. We cut through complexity by creating powerful, effective communications that explain services and products clearly and persuasively.
Why use and/or/if?
Because we have proven and experienced writing and design skills in-house. And because we’ll work with you from first concepts right through to delivery.

We’ll never sell you a solution that won’t work with your systems, or that will cost you a fortune to print, or that will be out of date as soon as you need to change small details. We’ll never disappear after first concepts, leaving you to work out how to go about the implementation. We work with you directly, without 'suits' – so you'll always know you're talking to someone who knows their subject inside out.

Our documents look great, and they really work too.

Why be clear?
Because clear communications pay you back by helping your customers make the choices you want them to make.

If it’s clear how to reinvest a maturing savings plan, customers are more likely to do it. If it’s obvious how to add extras to a mobile phone plan, customers are more likely to choose them. If a user can find and understand all the features of a product, they’re more likely to buy one from the same brand next time.

Time after time, clear communications convert new customers, keep existing customers loyal, and bring previous customers back – simply by making their lives easier. Communications we’ve developed have cut irritated calls to call centres, increased uptake of new products, increased reinvestment and cut production costs. We’d love to talk to you about how clear communications can bring returns on your investment.

Why does this matter for your brand?
Because clear communications help deliver all the promises your brand makes. In short, they help customers trust you.

Here’s an example. You browse round a mobile phone shop that is a vision of brushed steel and digital displays. The mobile you choose puts you at the cutting edge. The cheery shop assistant suggests a contract, and in a happy impulse you leave the shop with a glossy carrier bag swinging from your arm.

And then the bill arrives. It surely wasn’t meant to be this much. Is this the tariff you chose? Why did that call cost so much? What on earth is a bolt-on?

The memory of the shop fades – this bill is now your main relationship with the brand. And it’s obvious that the brand, having safely signed you up for the next 18 months, doesn’t really care anymore.

Make that bill beautifully clear and easy, and the warm buzz of the shop stays. The same goes for the form, the user guide, the letters, the contract. Clear, effective communications help you to continue delivering your brand promises throughout your relationship with your customers.

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